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APC&TCP-CD Volume 1

The APC&TCP-CD-Volume-1 is a CD-ROM, which was made by members of the APC&TCP-Computer Club for club members and non members. Here, the most important tools, which are needed for the daily use of the AMiga, can be found. Furthermore, uncountable, partly never before puplished games, guides, pictures, music modules, icons and much more.. Furthermore, there are diverse special versions and full versions of applications and games, linek for example "Marblelous", on this DE-ROM. In addition, all ussues of the wellknown magazine "NoCover" are installed on this CD-ROM.

APC&TCP-CD Volume 2

More than 1500 different pictures in the formats GIF, IFF and JPEG comprising the fields Art, Digi and Raytracing are on this CD-ROM. All Pictures can be shown on the Amiga with simple clic onto the icon.

APC&TCP-CD Volume 3

On this CD-ROM you will find ca. 1000 games for nearly all Amiga systems. This CD-ROM has been collected from APC&TCP-Members for clubmembers and all other people of the Amiga community. Most of the games are installed executable an the CD_ROM. It isn`t always necessary to install the games on a harddrive or floppydisc.

APC&TCP-CD Volume 4

This CD is a sequel to the APC&TCP-CD-Volume-3 with almost 1000 Amiga-Games. On the APC&TCP-CD-Volume-4 are 700 other games for the Amiga. This CD-ROM has been assembled by APC&TCP-members and "non-members". Almost all games are installed "ready-to-run" on the APC&TCP-CD-Volume-4. In most cases, no more installing to HDD or disk is necessary.

APC&TCP-CD Volume 5

The APC&TCP-CD-Volume-5 contains countless programs, graphics, soundmods, texts, guides, icons, games and more. A very big part of the software is made by the members of APC&TCP and so has never been released before. This CD has been assembled from club-members for APC&TCP-members and "non-members". Moreover, you find all important information about the APC&TCP- Computerclub, many previews from APC&TCP-Products and more here. Additional to this, all issues of the Diskmag "NoCover" have been installed on this CD.

APC&TCP-CD Volume 6

The APC&TCP-Volume-6 consists of countless programs for almost every kind of purpose. With this CD-ROM you receive a lot of software you need for a better work with your Amiga, e.g.: Utilities, Archive Programs, Data Processing programs, Editors, Workbench-Icons, Blanker and much more! Of course, you will find numerous demo versions.

Most programs are ready-to-run-installed on the CD! This CD-ROM has been assembled together from club-members for club-members and non-members.